Startups fail at an unacceptable rate. The same is true for new products. You can't afford to spend your precious resources building products that don't meet customer needs. You can't afford to implement a business model that hasn't been validated.

We're here to help make sure that doesn't happen to you.
The Discovery Platform™ is Your Guide to help you execute a proven process to de-risk your innovation efforts and keep your team on target.
It All Starts with a Guess
Actually, a series of guesses. Hunches, or more formally, Hypotheses.
The first step is a brainstorming session to think through the elemental Hypotheses for your product.
  • Who do you think your customers are?

  • What value are you providing?

  • How will you make money?
You will build your business model in the Discovery Platform™. A powerful software tool that's much more than a digital whiteboard with Post-It Notes.
It is a:
  • Gathering space for team brainstorming
  • Research toolkit for tracking customer insight
  • Dashboard to track customer discovery progress

Having a collaborative, dynamic hub to manage your Customer Discovery journey gets you clarity on customers' needs.

Your Business Model Canvas will show your progress + become a go-to repository of knowledge and validated and invalidated Hypotheses.

Real-World Evidence and Customer Insights

It is based on real-world evidence based on the accumulated wisdom of many customer interviews and conversations.

The Discovery Platform™ dashboard provides a powerful and visual representation of your collective knowledge and understanding.

It connects real-world evidence to your Hypotheses - providing the validation you need to reduce the risk of failure - for you, your team and your investors.

These critical and strategic customer insights guide you in building the best-fitting product and features that your customers need and desire.

This is the ultimate (or Holy Grail) in Product/Market Fit.

The Discovery Platform™ software commenting and notification system facilitates discussion at the Hypothesis level. Everyone is in the loop, nothing falls through the cracks, this level of collaboration brings alignment and deep shared insight.

Each Hypothesis is powerfully-linked to one or more Customer Segments. Now, you can visualize the connections that demonstrate your thinking and bring clarity for all stakeholders. And, you can make evidence-based decisions for de-risking innovation.

You can truly meet customer needs.

And iterate and pivot to achieve optimal Product/Market Fit.

Shut up and listen
Customer Discovery isn't about you doing all of the talking and sharing your passion and great ideas with customers to get feedback: it's really about asking good questions and listening. Putting the customer top of mind, empathizing with his/her journey and listening to what the person says and doesn't say.

It's about being tuned into the customer.

The honest truth is talking to customers is harder than you think. The good news is we'll help you master best practices: you will quickly master the Customer Discovery learning curve and avoid pitfalls that lead to false conclusions or rabbit hole diversions.

The Discovery software feature lets you track team conversations at a glance - because if critical knowledge is scattered across multiple applications it is of little use. All team members have access to every customer interview. You can be sure that everyone will be on the same page.
Tracking Customer Conversations
Everyone has their own style of note taking whether it's jotting down snippets of conversation or typing as much detail as your fingertips will allow. Either way, both methods distract your attention from directly looking at and listening to your customer.

We've developed cool features to help you with note taking and capturing the entire customer conversation. The Discovery Platform™ software is your personal note taking assistant. You'll feel free to listen attentively and ask really good questions!

Our SmartTranscript™ technology will record and transcribe your conversations so nothing is ever lost or forgotten. Now, you will be able to focus directly on the conversation and relax knowing everything is being captured. Imagine how useful it will be to reflect, analyze and glean new insights? Imagine how powerful this will be when you share it with your team or even investors?

Have you ever tried navigating the audio of a conversation?

Then you know how frustrating it is to locate important content: you spend a ton of time wading through the haystack to find the needles of insight.

Our SmartTranscript™ technology synchronizes the transcript with the conversation so you can listen to any selection of text. You can visually scan the transcript or use text search to locate and listen to sections of interest.

Surfacing Meaning. Gleaning Customer Insights

Notes and Transcripts are excellent artifacts of your conversations, but to put it to the best use, you need an easy way to track your insights.

The Insights Engine, is a simple yet powerful annotation system for making meaning from chaos. Here are the steps for building evidence to validate your business model:

  • Create an insight with a single click.

  • Add a comment to save your thoughts

  • Link the comment to a Hypothesis to connect the evidence

  • Add a category to organize it.

Using the Insights Engine is a breeze to clarify your vision with multiple customer insights.

A Library of Insights

As you make progress on your Customer Discovery journey, your Library of Insights will grow. To manage and navigate this body of evidence we've developed the Insights View.

Here you can see each and every team's insights. You can filter by person, category or business model segment to slice through hundreds of insights. This allows the entire team to review and reflect on the insights.

  • Click the speaker icon to hear what each customer said.

  • Click on the insight to view the underlying notes or transcript.
Now the Voice of the Customer has a seat at the table.

Contact us to learn more about the Discovery Platform™ software. It will help you make Product/Market Fit a reality.

Take us for a test-drive. You'll be glad you did.