Teaching tools for Lean LaunchPad facilitators

We help Lean LaunchPad facilitators create better entrepreneurs and have a lasting impact on team success.

As teams go through the process of achieving product market fit, Innovation Within’s Discovery Platform™ gives facilitators the opportunity to support multiple teams every step of the way. By being virtually present for all team conversations, pivots, and developments, instructors can play a greater role in helping teams validate their business models.

  • As data gets stored at the end of each cohort, easily build your portfolio to demonstrate your efficacy as a lean launchpad instructor
  • Use the scoring feature to rate individual teams on a customizable set of factors
  • Monitor team progression and completion of requirements, as well as their understanding of the Lean LaunchPad concepts
  • Seamlessly navigate between teams and be alerted to their developments
  • Be a part of the success stories of entrepreneurs and create transformative change in your field with our powerful customer development teaching tool.