Discover the Power of Innovation Within's Discovery Platform™ for Entrepreneurial and Innovation Education

At Innovation Within, we understand that educators and commercialization offices need the right tools to teach entrepreneurship and innovation to their students and conduct customer discovery for their commercialization projects. That’s why our Discovery Platform™ includes a range of tools that can aid educators in teaching the Customer Discovery process and commercialization offices in validating their business ideas.


Our platform not only teaches students about the process but also provides them with a tool that real-life entrepreneurs use to validate their business ideas. By interviewing potential customers and partners and applying insights to their business model hypotheses, students create a foundation for entrepreneurial success. Similarly, commercialization offices can use our platform to conduct customer discovery and validate their business ideas before launching them in the market.


Our Discovery Platform™ offers the following features for team members, mentors, and instructors:


Team Members:

  • Develop an understanding of the Customer Discovery and business model validation process.
  • Conduct customer interviews.
  • Review and synthesize insights from the audio and transcripts of interviews.
  • Categorize, comment on, and link insights to their business model.
  • Follow the scientific method to validate their business model.

Mentors & Instructors:

  • Monitor team progress and give feedback in one platform.
  • Store and review assignments and presentations using the Information Hub.
  • Give private scores and comments for individual teams.
  • Provide timely, targeted feedback with the notification system.
  • View cohort progress to see resolved and unresolved hypotheses, how teams are keeping up with interview quotas, and get caught up with all of the insights created.

Commercialization Offices:

  • Validate business ideas before launching them in the market.
  • Conduct customer discovery to understand customer needs and preferences.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the market and customer segments.
  • Test and refine business models based on customer feedback.

Partner with Innovation Within today and discover the power of our Discovery Platform™ for entrepreneurial and innovation education and commercialization offices. Empower your students and commercialization teams to become successful entrepreneurs and innovators by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

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