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Customer development
Customer development is a formal methodology for building startups and new corporate ventures. It is one of the three parts that make up a Lean Startup (Business Model Design, Customer Development, Agile Engineering).
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Experiential programs like Lean Launchpad flip the classroom and get teams out of the building. Yet the complexity of dozens of teams interviewing up to 100 customers each, quickly becomes intractable.

The work goes something like:

1. Conduct & capture interview
2. Review & surface insights
3. Apply insights to Business Model Canvas (BMC)
4. Update BMC based on customer insight

Repeat steps 1-4, 100 times

This quickly becomes overwhelming as the teams get bogged down in the process. Quality and morale suffers as the teams lose sight of the big picture. For educators the teams progress can seem opaque. This creates it's own set of challenges for educators supporting and mentoring the teams.
A Better Way
Now imagine for a moment, each team has a shared workspace. One that supports a workflow to create their business model, interview customers, capture and transcribe those conversations and connect the dots.

This makes it easy to use the evidence from customer discovery to validate customer segments or other hypothesis. By following this simple process life is better for the teams and your job is easier. The teams are engaged and the process helps them develop essential skills todays entrepreneurs need to create successful ventures. This leaves you to focus on instruction and virtually mentoring them in the platform.
Business Model Canvas
The first step is a brainstorming session to define the elemental hypotheses for your product.

  • Who do you think your customers are?
  • What value are you providing?
  • How will you make money?
You will build your business model in the Discovery Platform™. A powerful SaaS platform that's much more than a digital whiteboard with Post-It Notes.

It is a:

  • Gathering space for team brainstorming
  • Qualitative research toolkit for tracking customer insight
  • Dashboard for tracking customer discovery progress
Having a collaborative, shared workspace to manage your Customer Discovery journey gets you clarity on customers' needs.

Your Business Model Canvas will show your progress and become a go-to repository of knowledge and validated / invalidated hypotheses.
Business Model Canvas
Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It is a visual chart with elements describing a firm's or product's value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances. It assists firms in aligning their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs.
Start Listening
Customer Discovery isn't about pitching your great idea. It's about asking good questions, listening and discovering and understanding unmet needs and pains.

The truth is, talking to customers is harder than you may think. The good news is we'll help you master best practices so you quickly move up the learning curve and avoid common pitfalls that lead to false conclusions or rabbit hole diversions.

The Interview feature lets you track the teams conversations so this critical institutional knowledge isn't scattered across multiple applications. All team members have access to the entire body of customer interviews so everyone is on the same page.
Track Customer Conversations
Everyone has their own style of note-taking whether it's jotting down snippets or typing as much detail as possible. Both methods distract attention from the conversation at hand.

Wouldn't it be great to have an assistant capture everything?

The Discovery Platform™ is your personal note-taking assistant. Our SmartTranscript™ technology will record and transcribe your conversations so nothing gets lost. Relax and focus on the conversation.

Now you can reflect back and glean new insight. Imagine the impact this can have on your team.
Have you ever tried navigating the audio of a recorded conversation?

Then you know how frustrating it is to locate important content: you waste time wading through the haystack to find the needles of insight.

Our SmartTranscript™ feature synchronizes the transcript with the audio so you can listen to any section of text. You can visually scan the transcript or search to locate and listen to sections of interest.

Surface Meaning & Extract Insights
Notes and transcripts are excellent artifacts of your conversations, but to put it to the best use, you need an easy way to track important insights.

The Insights Engine, is a simple and powerful annotation system for making meaning from chaos. Here are the steps for building evidence to validate the hypotheses in your business model:

  • Create an insight with a single click
  • Click a category to organize it
  • Add a comment to capture your thoughts
  • Link it to a hypothesis to connect the evidence
A Library Of Insights
As you progress on your Customer Discovery journey, your library of insights will grow. You can manage and navigate this evidence with the Insights View.

Here you can see each team members insights and filter by person, category or business model segment to sift through hundreds of insights. This allows the entire team to review and reflect on the library of insights.

  • Click the speaker icon to hear what the customer said.
  • Click on the insight to view the underlying notes or transcript.
Now the voice of the customer has a seat at the table.

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