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Innovative Solutions for Customer Needs Discovery
Lean LaunchPad Instructors
As a Lean LaunchPad instructor you dedicate your time and energy to help teams navigate the process of customer discovery and business model validation. Staying up to date with all the teams you are advising is difficult work. Each new entrepreneurial team has the ability to fail or succeed, your success or failure depends on your ability to get teams to make positive changes and grow to be self-sufficient. You have to keep track of the progress of each individual team in order to best guide them to success.

Every success story has come from some form of assistance. Be part of the success stories of up and coming entrepreneurs giving yourself a seat at the table to be part of transformative change in your field.

With the ability to connect instructors to virtually sit-in on team's daily tasks, it's no wonder the Discovery Platform™ is the choice platform of Lean LaunchPad instructors.
See and be seen
Remain in the picture with each team even when you aren't there in person.
With several teams to keep track of during a cohort, you can't be present for all of their conversations, pivots, and developments.
You need to see the full picture of their customer discovery conversations affecting the changes they make to their business models. However, with access to their canvases, interviews (including the actual audio of those conversations), insights, and Analytics, you can keep up with the work that they're doing to validate their business models.

The Discovery Platform™ is the next best thing to being present with the teams as they go through the process of finding product/market fit.
Be part of the conversation
Take your seat at the table and share the insights you have.
As an instructor for Lean LaunchPad program, you are aiding teams in the process of finding product/market fit.

How do you include yourself in their conversations as they develop and validate their business model? With Chat, BMC commenting and the Insight Engine you can have continuous conversations with each team, giving your own input and allowing them to benefit from your instruction. Share your thoughts and join each team as an ad hoc member.
Build your portfolio
Be part of a new wave of entrepreneurs changing the world as we know it.
Your participation in a Lean LaunchPad program gives you the opportunity to not only stand out among your peers, but you'll also gain camaraderie with the teams you instruct.

Your work with teams in the Discovery Platform remains to be stored after each cohort ends, giving you a portfolio of data to show just how much impact you've made in the success of the teams you instruct.

Follow your critiques in the Scoring feature to your interactions with teams and see how your expertise has helped teams develop their ideas, readying them for market.
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