Release Notes: Insights on the Canvas
You knew that Insights were important to the business model validation process.

Now you can see your insights on the canvas itself.
Actionable Insights
Review Evidence
Extract Insights from your Customer Discovery interviews. Have your teammates and instructors do the same.
Analyze Supporting Claims
Review your Insights to see which support or don't support your Hypothesis. Dig deep to see how much weight to give each Insight.
Make the Leap
Use the information from your Insights to decide whether to Validate or Invalidate your Hypothesis.
New Admininstrative Options
General Chat Settings
The General Chat channels were only utilized by a handful of organizations, so we set their new default to be disabled. Contact Support to request that these cohort-wide channels be enabled.
Scoring Accessibility
Scoring, which started as a Instructor-only feature, can now be opened up to Team Members in the cohort. This allows them to see your feedback week-to-week and should encourage them to improve.