Release Notes: Goodbye Dashboard, Hello Analytics
Throughout the course of a cohort, teams and instructors work hard, inputting their hypotheses, interviews, and insights, validating their Business Model Canvases and sharing feedback.

While these inputs help the teams in a qualitative way, how do you quantify this data?

Look no further than Analytics, your one-stop shop for Cohort, Instructor, and Team Stats.
Cohort Stats
Cohort Stats helps you check in on the health of the cohort .

Quickly see the progress made in BMC validation, interview goals, and insight creation.
Hypotheses Stats Over TIme
Interview & Insights Stats Over Time
Hypothesis Stats Over Time
Check the progress on BMC validation.
The ultimate goal of Customer Discovery is validating the business model. By the end of a cohort every team should validate or invalidate all of the hypotheses on their canvases. Check the progress of this in the Hypothesis Stats Over Time chart in Cohort Stats.
Interview and Insights Stats Over Time
Track total interviews and insights
See how productive teams' interviews are by comparing their interviews and insights goals throughout the course of the cohort. Each interview should produce several insights that team members will be able to use as evidence to validate or invalidate their BMC hypotheses.

Instructor Stats
See how involved Instructors are in the process each of your teams is going through.

See the total number of BMC Comments, Feedback Insights, and the number of Instructor Chat, Instructor Feedback, and Peer Feedback Chat messages.

You can drill down by Instructor to see their partipation per week.
Instructor Stats Over Time
Total Engagements By Instructor
Instructor Stats Over Time
Follow Instructor engagements over time
Just as you are expected to see Team Member stats to go up over time, the same is expected of Instructors. View the total number of BMC Comments, Insights, and chats in the Instructor Chat, Instructor Feedback and Peer Feedback channels.
Total Engagements by Instructor
Deep dive into individuals' interactions
You've seen the total number of engagements, now see how each instructor is interacting with teams in the cohort.

Team Stats
Team Stats breaks down inputs per-team in a few different ways.

You can compare all of the teams to each other, check out how an individual team has done week-by-week, or look at each team member to see how they're contributing.
Total Interviews and Insights by Team
Team Interviews and Insights by Week
Total Interviews and Insights by Team
View individual teams' contributions to total interviews and insights
Compare teams side by side to see how which teams are keeping up with their customer discovery interviews and insights.
Team Interviews and Insights by Week
Get a weekly view of team's interviews and insights progression.
Visual communication takes place through pictures, graphs and charts, as well as through signs, signals and symbols. It may be used either independently or as an adjunct to the other methods.