Discovery™ is simple innovation management software. We help teams talk to customers and solve their problems.


What if you could capture your customers' voice?
The Discovery Platform™ by Innovation Within allows you to record your customer's voice, act on the insights you discover and collaborate with your team.

Our software will guide you through the process of finding product/market fit in three simple steps.
3 Steps to Product/Market Fit
Develop your business model
It's quick and easy to design your business model in our platform. Start with your best guess and refine your hypotheses as you learn.
Interview your customers
Track your customer interviews in one place for the whole team to share and collaborate. Record your interviews and we'll automatically transcribe them for your review.
Surface insights
Annotate your notes or transcriptions to surface insights that validate your hypotheses. We make it so simple... Select and click, that's it!
Business Model Canvas
This is a simple way to define the essential logic blocks of your business. Start with your best guesses. As you validate/invalidate each hypothesis, you zero in on the right business model.
Fast and easy
Create entries with a single click. Validate and invalidate your hypotheses as you proceed with customer interviews.
Watch things evolve
Changes are tracked in the activity feed. Quickly see who has done what and when. Export the canvas to snapshot your current state for presentations and future reference.
Collaborate always
The Discovery Platform™ is all about collaboration. With team chat built-in, it's super easy to foster contextual discussions for all stakeholders.
Customer Interviews
Take notes or record customer interviews,
either way we've got you covered.
Record interviews in the Discovery Platform™ or upload audio recordings. We will transcribe them using state of the art ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition).
With our SmartTranscript™ technology you can navigate the audio, review and edit. Play audio from any cursor location or play any selection.
Annotate with ease
Highlight any text and click 'Save' to create an insight. Want to assign a category? Add a comment? Link an insight to a hypothesis? Yup, we do that too.
Powerful Insights
All of your customer insights are in one place. Understand your customers on a new level.
See all insights across all recorded interviews and notes in one simple view.
Want to see every feature request to help your team prioritize what to build? Want to see every insight linked to your customer segments? Or just review insights from other teammates interviews? With our powerful filtering, it's just a click or two away.
Play audio for any insight you create. Sifting through hours of audio has never been easier. Now the voice of the customer is directly available for all stakeholders to hear.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.
Solutions for every need
Our software provides flexible, scalable solutions for anyone on the path to customer discovery.

Are you a founder, corporate innovation leader, Lean consultant, design thinker, market research team, government entrepreneurial program lead or professor?
Not for profit, state agencies, development agencies and other organizations with a remit to administer entrepreneurial education programs are complemented by our Discovery Platform™ in teaching programs. We support teams of entrepreneurs at every stage to best tackle their product/market fit, with a robust platform for customer discovery. Track the progress of innovation teams across your organization with simple administration and powerful business insights to analyze and guide significant outcomes for your teams. Higher learning institutions, professors, universities and government agency academic programs all are customers of Innovation Within. Contact our sales team to schedule a demo to better learn how our platform can assist with your existing curriculum.
Corporate Innovation
Large organizations who are implementing multiple innovation projects across countries, regions and product/technology domains all benefit from the Discovery Platform™. Track the progress of innovation teams across your company with simple administration and powerful business insights to analyze and guide significant outcomes for your organization. Make powerful, customer informed decisions about where innovation is heading.
Lean Experts, Design thinking, Consumer Insight Specialist, Market Researchers
You're busy, focused on new engagements and supporting existing clients. Ease the process of helping new teams develop and validate their business model with customer interviews. With the Discovery Platform™ you can track team progress and keep the flow of communication going. Our dashboard provides insight into team collaboration and progress, enabling a transparent, customized feedback channel for teams and admins.

Managing multiple engagements across organizations is a breeze. You'll have a very powerful tool at your finger tips, while your clients will get your best guidance with one simple tool.
Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs,
Innovators & Visionaries
Inform your vision, understand your customer, collaborate with your team. Save time, money and energy by validating your product - before you build the wrong thing. Focus your passion on real customer needs. Start small and add new team members, mentors and advisors as your momentum builds.
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