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Organized Programs • Engaged Participants • Successful Skill Building
It's no secret that customer discovery is transforming how innovative business models are developed. The success of the Lean LaunchPad methodology is due largely to the insights gained from customer discovery rather than second-hand market research.

It comes as no surprise that a fundamental challenge Lean LaunchPad programs encounter is getting participants to fully engage in a meaningful customer discovery process. Lean LaunchPad programs are experiential and conducting meaningful customer discovery demands considerable time and effort.

To address this problem Innovation Within provides the tools participants need to quickly develop the skills and execute on a rigorous customer discovery process. This saves them time and allows them to realize the benefits quickly. Our tools help teams frame their research objectives with a powerful business model canvas and our interview feature helps them surface and use the discovery insights as supporting evidence to validate/invalidate these objectives. This is evidence-based entrepreneurship simplified.

For the facilitator the platform provides the visibility to observe progress and provide real-time in-app mentoring. Our all-in-one solution fosters organized, engaged programs that deliver on building the skills entrepreneurs need to market test their business strategies.
A cohort is a collection of workspaces, one per team. A team's workspace contains a business model canvas for developing hypotheses and an interview feature for capturing and analyzing customer interviews. If you record your interviews in our software or elsewhere (Zoom call, voice recorder, iPhone, etc.) we'll automatically transcribe it. This allows teams to review and annotate the key insights. These insights are connected to the relevant hypotheses as evidence to help you decide if the hypothesis is valid or not. You can also keep detailed interview notes and annotate them as well. This process is simple, easy way to market test business strategies. Everything you need is in one place. No more app-juggling between cloud document storage, presentation tools, transcription services and chat apps.
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