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Fact: Running a cohort is a huge challenge.
Managing the complexity is overwhelming,
and your teams can accomplish more.
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Enlighten Your Customer Interviews

Have you ever tried navigating the audio of a recorded conversation?

Our SmartTranscript™ feature synchronizes the transcript with the audio so you can listen to any section of text. You can virtually scan the transcript or search to locate and listen to sections of interest. By recording a Zoom call, you can just import the audio into the platform and allow SmartTranscript™ to automatically transcribe the entire conversation.

And then, using The Insights Engine, you have a simple and powerful annotation system for making meaning from chaos. Build evidence to validate the hypotheses in your business model:

1. Create an insight based on your interviews.
2. Categorize it.
3. Add a comment to capture your thoughts.
4. Link it to a hypothesis to connect the evidence.
A Complex Program Turned Into a Simple Activity

As you progress on your Customer Discovery journey, your library of insights will grow. You can manage and navigate this evidence with the Insights View. This allows the entire team to review and reflect on the library of insights. Now the voice of the customer has a seat at the table.

After having gathered and linking insights to hypotheses, easily tap into your teams' BMC's to share Feedback and Comments and help them have more clarity towards the validation or invalidation of their hypotheses and ideas. Have a clear view of all hypotheses from all teams, therefore enabling quicker progress.
Foster High Levels of Engagement

Having a collaborative, shared workspace to
manage your Customer Discovery journey gets you
clarity on customers' needs. Your Business Model
will show your progress and become a
go-to repository of knowledge and validated or
invalidated hypotheses.

You will build your business model in the Discovery
. A powerful platform that's much more
than a digital whiteboard with Post-It Notes.
Save Time by Using a Single Platform

Customer Discovery isn't about pitching your great idea. It's about asking good questions, listening and discovering and understanding unmet needs and points. But after having a huge amount of data, how do you handle it all?

The Discovery Platform™ is your personal note-taking assistant, with all the tools you need in the same place. Use our Interview Feature to track the teams conversations so this critical institutional knowledge isn't scattered across multiple applications. All team members and instructors have access to the entire body of customer interviews so everyone is on the same page.
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Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship Using a Scientific Method.
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As a Lean LaunchPad instructor, you dedicate time and energy to work with teams navigating business model validation through customer development. Staying up-to-date with the teams you're advising is difficult work. Your success or failure as an instructor depends on ...
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