We provide teaching solutions for entrepreneurship studies, so students can get real-world experience transforming entrepreneurial ideas into business ventures.

Innovation Within's Discovery Platform was built to support the Lean Launchpad entrepreneurship methodology, a popular teaching method based on its real-world experiential nature. Students are able to talk with potential customers and partners, while applying insights to their business model hypothesis. As a result, they create a foundation for entrepreneurial success.

Students | Better manage the academic rigor of entrepreneurship studies, collaborate seamlessly in cohort teams, and gather complex data.
  • Track and organize multiple insights from customer conversations
  • Listen directly to audio recorded customer interviews
  • Live editing for easy collaboration with instructors, mentors and team members
  • Annotate customer conversations to rapidly surface insights
Mentors & Instructors | Monitor team progress and give feedback in one platform
  • Store and review presentations using the Info Hub
  • Give private scores and comments for individual teams
  • Provide timely, targeted feedback with the notification system
  • View cohort progress to see resolved and unresolved hypotheses, how they're keeping up with interview quotas, and get up to date knowledge and transcripts of their insights.
A customer development research process built to inspire students and enhance entrepreneurship teaching.
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