Why Us?
Customer discovery is in our DNA
The Discovery Platform™ was created to tackle problems people were experiencing in their customer discovery processes. Rather than build a platform that would addresses known issues, our Founder and CEO, James O'Connor set out to build a platform using the very methodology it would serve. Through an extensive customer discovery process, the Discovery Platform™ was born. With continuous feedback the platform is still evolving to help teams validate their business models and find product market/fit.

We keep up with the latest developments in innovation pedagogy and incorporate the best of the best into the platform. Want to see our latest updates? Check out our Release Notes.

Everyone at Innovation Within is innately curious. We observe, ask questions and solve problems. If you have a customer discovery problem you don't think we've solved, tell us.
Our customers love how responsive we are.

In-app support gets you the help you need when you need it. Our extensive knowledge base is chock full of how-to articles, best practices and more. You can also always contact us at support@innovationwithin.com we're glad to help.