Serious Educators teach Startups to listen to Customers quicky find Product/Market fit

The platform that streamlines customer discovery, so lean consultants, entrepreneurial educators and coaches can be more effective, to more people, earlier in the startup process.
Our growing list of university, government,
non-profit and corporate clients
"This is truly an elegant solution"

~ I-CORPS National Node Instructor
Better Coaching. Less time wasted. For everyone.
We know efficiency is important to you. It is to your startups as well. And your mentors? Well, yes, them too. We asked them. That's why we built a customer discovery platform that helps you all use your time wisely without giving up on quality.

Customer discovery is the most important work an early startup can do. Because a high quality, product-market fit is the only thing that matters. From leading questions and bias to failing to test hypotheses, startups waste large amounts of their own and their coaches' time learning the process.

So we are shifting the paradigm - from quantity to quality. We still want startups to talk to lots of customers, but we them to do it more effectively.

And for those of you worried about the cost? Don't.
"The licensing makes this something my startups can afford to use"
~ I-CORPS Site Manager
We Drive the LEAN Startup Methodology
Our vision is built into the platform.
Better startups are created because of better customer discovery. That comes from coaches being able to provide quality, timely advice using up-to-the-minute, startup generated information.
Easily enter, link and track hypotheses
With single-click simplicity, teams enter and link their hypotheses to customer segments. As they validate and invalidate hypotheses you can see how and why they have been able to do that with roll-over simplicity.
"The startup teams loved it"

~ Director of Entrepreneurship
Quickly reduce pitching and bias
Coach teams like you were actually there at the interview. By encouraging the recording of early interviews and seeing how they create insight, you can rapidly develop and evolve the interviewing skills needed for quality customer discovery. What would you and your startups prefer at interview #30? A rock-solid product-market fit, or to still be in the interview development mode?
"Rapidly drilling-down to see the specific insight validating a hypothesis moves me from instructor to valued coach "
~ Entrepreneurial Coach
Let the platform drive the process
Whenever a team enters an interview, they are challenged to create insight, annotate that insight and connect it to one or more hypotheses. this simple action moves the team towards validation or invalidation of hypotheses and customer segments.
Monitor team insights
Insight is the driver of quality customer discovery. When you can see insight and how it connects to the canvas, you can quickly get a picture of the discipline and rigor of the startup as well as where in the team insight is coming from.
Filter activity for team contribution
Good coaching is about good spot checking. Broad-brush comments don't work, in fact they can sometime offend. By filtering insights, you can give specific feedback to individuals in the team about their contributions.
Check team dynamics
You aren't just coaching a process, you are monitoring team dynamics too. Low or poor contributions from a team member might be symptomatic of something deeper that can be addressed earlier in the process.
Seamlessly provide timely feedback
Good coaching occurs when it is needed not every other week. A quick dip into each team each day for a minute can help you provide the feedback when it is needed, so the team evolves rapidly. That's why we integrated team chat channels, so you didn't have to manage them and teams got the feedback right as you give it.

A solution to meet your needs
Our software provides flexible, scalable solutions for anyone on the path to customer discovery.

Are you a founder, corporate innovation leader, Lean consultant, design thinker, market research team, government entrepreneurial program lead or professor?
Non-profit, Government & Education
Non-profits, government accelerators, development agencies and other organizations with a mission to administer entrepreneurial education programs benefit from our platform. We support teams of entrepreneurs at every stage to best tackle their product/market fit, with a robust platform for customer discovery. Track the progress of innovation teams across your organization with simple administration and powerful business insights to analyze and guide significant outcomes for your teams. Higher learning institutions, professors, universities and government agency academic programs all are customers of Innovation Within. Contact our sales team to schedule a demo to better learn how our platform can assist with your existing curriculum.
Corporate Innovation
Large organizations who are implementing multiple innovation projects across countries, regions and product/technology domains all benefit from the Discovery Platform™. Track the progress of innovation teams across your company with simple administration and powerful business insights to analyze and guide significant outcomes for your organization. Make powerful, customer informed decisions about where innovation is heading.
Lean Experts, Design thinking, Consumer Insight Specialist, Market Researchers
You're busy, focused on new engagements and supporting existing clients. Ease the process of helping new teams develop and validate their business model with customer interviews. With the Discovery Platform™ you can track team progress and keep the flow of communication going. Our dashboard provides insight into team collaboration and progress, enabling a transparent, customized feedback channel for teams and admins.

Managing multiple engagements across organizations is a breeze. You'll have a very powerful tool at your finger tips, while your clients will get your best guidance with one simple tool.
Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs,
Innovators & Visionaries
Inform your vision, understand your customer, collaborate with your team. Save time, money and energy by validating your product - before you build the wrong thing. Focus your passion on real customer needs. Start small and add new team members, mentors and advisors as your momentum builds.
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