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Improve Outcomes
Coaches know how to spot pitching and leading questions in the interview. But why wait until the first presentation? With our notes and recorded interview transcription feature you can quickly listen to or read to the interview and tag feedback where skills need to be improved. Now your startup can be using their time more wisely, more immediately.

Monitor team insights
It's not enough to see what insight a team created to know how to coach. You need know specifically what was said to know where it came from. Our platform allows you to tag an insight directly to text in the notes and even the voice of the customer. Watch.

Check team dynamics
It always happens, or so they say. One person always does all the work. But we provide the information that allows you to understand the quality of the contributions. Who's working smart and who's working hard?

Provide timely feedback
Your reputation is on the line when you give feedback. A good piece of advice too late can have the reverse affect. With our chat channels you can not only see what any other coaches and instructors have said but you can also make sure it is given in a timely manner.

Find coachable moments, quickly
The feed offers a quick way to see who is more recently contributing to the team. With a simple scroll, you can see the quality of their contributions and establish the team dynamic.

Team transparency
We all know the saying about the word 'assume'. We give you drill down access to every piece of information with a single click. Whether you need to dig deep into interviews, insights, or chat messages; or simply search the system for a keyword that might help you coach the team, we let you see

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