We help Lean LaunchPad instructors create better entrepreneurs and have a lasting impact on team success.

As teams go through the process of achieving product market fit, Innovation Within's Discovery Platform gives instructors the opportunity to support multiple teams every step of the way. By being virtually present for all team conversations, pivots, and developments, instructors can play a greater role in helping teams validate their business models.

  • As data gets stored at the end of each cohort, easily build your portfolio to demonstrate your efficacy as a lean launchpad instructor
  • Use the scoring feature to rate individual teams on a customizable set of factors
  • Monitor team progression and completion of requirements, as well as their understanding of the Lean LaunchPad concepts
  • Seamlessly navigate between teams and be alerted to their developments
  • Be a part of the success stories of entrepreneurs and create transformative change in your field with our powerful customer development teaching tool.
Teaching tools for Lean LaunchPad instructors
Lean LaunchPad
Lean LaunchPad is an entrepreneurship methodology created by Steve Blank to test and develop business models based on querying and learning from customers. It is based on the scientific method and combines experiential learning with the three building blocks of a successful lean startup: Alexander Osterwalder's "Business Model Canvas", Steve Blank's "Customer Development Model, and Agile Engineering.

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